Ch. 1 - Everything Ends

Sirens continued blaring throughout the city before explosions echoed out one after another. Arcs of electricity flashed along wires dangling above power lines before fiery blasts erupted in neighboring buildings once again. Entire sides of buildings were pulled down like draped curtains, revealing frightened civilians hiding inside. Two superbeings could be heard warring in a nearby alleyway, destroying everything in their paths while others protected innocent bystanders.

Erabelle, waited in a warehouse near the laboratory, unable to stop the chaos on the outside, knowing that she would never be able to physically make it to the company to destroy the exosynthesis chamber. There were too many armed robots to disarm using high-voltage weapons. She was more powerful than ever and had other electrokinetic superbeings to support their attack on the company. As a team, Erabelle and the others hacked into the building's electrical supply, allowing them to travel through to gain access to the Superbeings’ building. After tapping into the mainframe, Erabelle managed to transport her fragmented body through the electrical currents inside. Scrambling through security cameras, she warped between rooms until she finally located Ava.

“We need to stop this. There has to be another way! The nightmare outside would have never been a threat if we never made the serum public.” Erabelle shouted, urging her sister Ava to shut down the initiative and begin finding a way to render the superpowers inert.

Ava let out a massive sigh. Turning her head towards the chaos, she whispered to herself, “All I wanted was to help humanity survive better. I’m afraid I have no other options.” Then, aloud, she acknowledged, “Erabelle, your heart is in the right place.”

Through the decade-long turmoil, though, Superbeings Lab continued to thrive. Earth needed Superbeings Lab. Without their resource and energy duplication technology, Earth would end. Everything would end. Humans continued to pay for the exosynthesis procedure in droves even though it cost a fortune. The hope of survival and getting a superpower filled an insatiable appetite in humans. Tensions between regular humans and the multitude of superbeing subgroups were at an all-time high. Something had to be done.

Back in the office, Ava continued to stare out into the city. Now lounging on her chair, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes to focus. “Let’s do it,” Ava said and waved her hands in a figure-of-eight pattern. The walls in the room oscillated. The ground shook violently. Erabelle could not believe her own eyes. Ava had gone through the genetic mutation procedure herself.

A bright beam of purple light shot out from her palms, tearing what seemed to be the fabric of space. In the distance, six shadowy figures could be seen slowly moving through a void toward the opening.

Ava blurted, “Erabelle, the time is now. This is the next phase in humankind.”

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